Rodger Johnson, Owner and Founder of Johnson Insurance Consulting

Johnson Insurance Consulting became incorporated in 1990 and since then we have focused on developing and maintaining long-term partnerships with our clients and our affiliated partners.

In the current business environment, employers strive to maintain a balance between providing a valuable employee benefits package while controlling rising benefit costs. Given today’s aging workforce, along with the increasing cost of prescription drugs and government downloading onto the private sector, this has become challenging.

At Johnson Insurance Consulting our goal is to assist our clients in developing strategies to deal with employee issues, stabilize rates and allow programs to operate as efficiently and effectively as possible.

President Rodger E. Johnson, C.L.U., B.A.

Rodger has over 40 years of experience in all areas of employee group benefits, disability and retirement planning. He was a Group Insurance Manager with London Life for over 12 years and worked with Lackner MacLennan, a consulting firm with over 100 employees, prior to launching Johnson Insurance Consulting. Rodger is a dedicated professional who has maintained positive client relationships in a variety of sectors over several decades. His client companies range from small family-owned and operated businesses to not-for-profits to large manufacturing and industrial organizations with unionized employees. Rodger brings integrity, knowledge and experience to every interaction. His focus is on ensuring complete client satisfaction.