Johnson Insurance Consulting is a counsellor and advocate in the employee benefits marketplace. We assist in maintaining a benefit program that achieves all corporate goals, placing special emphasis on the following areas:

  • Evaluation and Analysis
  • Financial Management
  • Marketing Strategies
  • Service and Support
  • Communication
  • Claims Assistance
  • Renewal Management

Evaluation and Analysis

The first step in evaluating a program is to determine the organization’s goals, service expectations, and financial constraints.

The second step is to review the current employee benefits program and analyze its strengths and weaknesses in relation to the stated benefit delivery goals. Our analysis provides an excellent opportunity to make the changes that are necessary to keep pace with government cost shifting, best practices and new benefits.

Financial Management

More than ever, employers are looking to alternative underwriting arrangements in an effort to reduce spiralling benefit costs. We are proficient in all underwriting methods, including: fully insured contracts, flex benefits and ASO arrangements. We assist our clients in measuring the feasibility of implementing these arrangements into their benefits program.

Marketing Strategies

Employers want choices and our access to insurance providers is second to none. As independent advisors, we endeavour to place our clients with an insurer that fits their needs and seamlessly assist with the transition.

Service & Support

Employee Benefit Plans should be reviewed periodically against the needs of an employer and its employees. We help coordinate benefits to ensure they are consistent with a company’s philosophy for maximum value and effectiveness.


One of the most underrated factors that contribute to the success of a benefit program is employee awareness and understanding. We assist with a broad range of communication media, such as employee meetings, webinars and ongoing education. Our goal is to empower employees to use their benefits wisely.

Claims Assistance

We monitor a plan’s financial experience by producing quarterly claims reports and a complete annual review. Our monitoring influences the insurer’s rate adjustments and eliminates financial surprises. We also negotiate with carriers on the behalf of our clients to assure competitive renewal terms, guaranteeing the financial integrity of their benefits program.